bs970 specifications bs 970 equivalent

070A78 in BS970/5-72 standard - EQUIMETALS

Exact matches for 070A78 in BS970/5-72 standard. Spring steel; Unalloyed carbon steel; Matches for 070A78 in any standard defining this steel grade. Usual delivery conditions/forms (070A78) EQUIMETALS can also offer you close equivalent and similar steels from different countries

120M19 in BS970/1-83 standard - EQUIMETALS

Exact matches for 120M19 in BS970/1-83 standard. Quenched and tempered steels; Matches for 120M19 in any standard defining this steel grade. Usual delivery conditions/forms (120M19) EQUIMETALS can also offer you close equivalent and similar steels from different countries 220M07 low carbon mild Steel EN1A Engineering Steel220M07, also known as EN1A. 220M07 is low carbon mild steel. Properties:free cutting, suitable for machining using both automatic and CNC machines. Available in square, round, flat or hexagon form. Equivalent to AISI 1113 and EN1A. Popular size ranges shown below, other sizes available upon request. BS 970 1991. BS 970 1955 EN.

Acton Bright Steel Technical Guides

BS970:1955 EN353 / BS970:1991 815M17. Bright / black 1.1/4% nickel chromium case hardening steel. Open Spec Sheet. Direct Hardening Steels. BS 230M07 - Equivalent MaterialsEquivalent Materials to BS 230M07. Download equivalents as an Excel file. Some equivalent materials may be stricter whereas others may be outside the bounds of the original material in selected parameters. ASTM A29 Grade 1215. ASTM A29 Grade 12L15. ASTM A510 Grade 12L15. ASTM A510 Grade G12150. ASTM A519 Grade 1215. ASTM A576 Grade G12150.

BS 970 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition

BS 970 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition . BS 970 has covered a wide range of long product forms steel grades and finishes. Stainless steel have appeared in various parts of different issues of BS 970, but were last shown only in parts 1 and 3. BS 970 also covered some low BS 970 steels - Roy MechBS 970 070M20 (EN3A) A mild steel used for general purposes. Suitable for lightly stressed fasteners ,shafts etc. Can be easily machined and welded. Available hot rolled, normalised, cold drawn or turned. Supplied in Black round or square , bright round square, flat and hexagon. BS 970 080M30 (EN5/EN6) A medium strength steel.


SPECIFICATION FOR CENTRIFUGES OF THE BASKET AND BOWL TYPE FOR USE IN INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS. BS 721-2 (1983) :1983. SPECIFICATION FOR WORM GEARING - METRIC UNITS. DEFSTAN 51-11 (PT9)/1 (1975) :1975. HAND TOOLS, GENERAL PURPOSE - PART 9:FRAME, HAND FRETSAW AND BLADE, HAND FRETSAW. BS970:Part 1:1983 709M40 EN19 & EN19T MacsteelBS970:Part 1:1983 709M40 EN19 & EN19T. Home; BS970:Part 1:1983 709M40 EN19 & EN19T; Product Search. Search More results Generic filters. Hidden label . Exact matches only . Hidden label . Hidden label . Hidden label . Search! Search by Business Unit. Macsteel Coil Processing

Basic steel selection guide - Based on BS 970

Basic Steel Selection Based on BS 970. Stainless steel. Notes. BS 970 grade 416S21. (EN 56) Martensitic (magnetic) can be hardened and tempered to give improved tensile strength. FM ** grade. Typical applications include cutlery, surgical instruments, fasteners, valves, spindles and shafts. BS 970 DATASHEET EN1A (230M07) - Thames StockMATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS BS970:1955 EN1A BS970/PD970:230M07 1970 onwards European 95Mn28 BS En 11SMn30 Werkstoff No. 1.0715 US SAE (AISI) 1213, 1215 COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS Control linkages, shafts, low stress hubs Casings and handles Brake hose ends, hydraulic parts Brake pistons, wheel nuts and inserts

EN16 (605M36T) - Thames Stock

MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS BRITISH BS 970:1991 605M36T BRITISH BS 970:1955 EN16T PRODUCT CONSISTENCY EN16 benefits from being a bright steel, cold drawn material because it offers good dimensional precision and a consistent cross-section; it is straighter and flatter than a comparable mild steel product, which in turn EN8 Carbon Steel, 080M40 BS 970 Specification - Otai Complete BS 970 EN8 carbon steel definition, steel properties, chemical composition. Check in all detailed data of EN8 carbon steel / 080M40 steel material.

Materials - Steel

BS 970 No. Old BS970 No (En No). Type. 080M30 080M40 080A42 080M46 080M50 070M55 150M19 212M36 212M44 212A42 225M44:5 8 8D no equivalent 43A 9 14A & 14B 8M 8M 8DM no equivalent:30 carbon 40 carbon 42 carbon 46 carbon 50 carbon 55 carbon 19 carbon 1.5% manganese 36 carbon free cutting 44 carbon free cutting 42 carbon free cutting 44 carbon STEEL MASTER ::EQUIVALENT GRADESEQUIVALENT GRADES. BS 970 1970-1972. BS 970-1955 EN No. AISI/ SAE. DIN. IS Grade Specification. HIGH SPEED STEELS. BM 2*. -.

Stainless Steel Interlloy Engineering Steels + Alloys

BS970:PART 3 1991-420 S37 ASTM A276-92-S420 S42010:0.30:1.00 MAX:12.5:Stainless developed to provide higher hardness after heat treatment. 431:AS2837-1986-431 AISI TYPE 431 BS970:PART 1 1983-431 S29 ASTM A276-431:0.18:2.20:16.0:Hardenable Tamworth Steel :Technical InformationGuide to the current equivalent of En specifications. British BS 970 1955. British BS 970. 1991. Carbon. Content (%) Description. En3B . 070M20

En24 Steel Properties BS970 817M40 En24T Material

  • EN24 Steel Properties BS970 817M40Heat TreatmentApplicationsEN24 Steel Equivalent GradeBS and Equivalent EN Grades - Stealth 316BS970 Part 3:1991 covering chemical composition & mechanical properties Be Aware! 27 grades in BS have been replaced by 68 grades in EN and thus many EN grades do not have an old BS equivalent Most BS Grades do not have an EXACT EN equivalent grade In some cases one EN grade has replaced more than one BS grade, for example:

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